Sun Sep 18. I keep wondering why time can’t go faster. I need to start asking myself why the present is so unpleasant to make me do this all the time.

Mon Sep 19. Listen to the ones you care about. Someone with nothing to say doesn’t always have nothing to tell.

Tues Sep 20. There is so much bliss in being alive, if we have the patience to feel it.

Wed Sep 21. Love the ones you love while you have them, without shame or pause. Give them the love they deserve and all the love you can spend.

Thurs Sep 22. The best thing you can do for other people is to let yourself be happy. Unpretentiously, contagiously, invitingly happy.

Fri Sep 23. Everything is transient. So savour the joy, learn from the hardships, and have patience with heartbreak.

Sat Sep 24. Now and again, step away from the world and just detach. Sometimes it’s just too hard to keep up with the pace the world turns.


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