Sometimes I just need to give my expression, my mood, and my entire mental state a facelift. When everything seems like it’s not going my way, or every day seems like it’s not my day (over and over and over…), a little reminder to stay patient, optimistic, and faithful always goes a long way.

So here it is, from Idil Ahmed.

“You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for the new energy to enter. Be patient!”

Whatever negative energy I’m holding onto, the negative question of “Why is this happening?” that I keep asking, and the helplessness of not having an answer is doing nothing to help improve my energy. Instead of trying to sift through the problems with my present state, I need to let it pass by like a flock of birds. It’s seasonal, it’s temporary, it’s part of a greater universal cycle that I will probably meet again but will not stay with me forever.

Smile. Think hopeful thoughts. Count your blessings. Stop trying to wrestle with the old energy and make yourself ready to embrace the new energy. xo


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